Flux Freediving

At Flux Freediving we teach freediving according to the Apnea Total Freediving Education System. Apnea Total is an international freediving organisation that provides certifications that are recognised worldwide, and is one of the largest certifying freediving organisations in the world.  The APNEA TOTAL headquarters is on Koh Tao has educated more then 7000 students to date. The school and teaching system focuses on experience in the water. With theory covering all necessary aspects of freediving but without exams or knowledge reviews, making the courses easy and enjoyable. The main focus is placed on water sessions, where progress is fast and learning curve steep. The maximum ratio instructor to students is 1:3, which makes training very personal allowing for maximum performance from students. There are many reputable Apnea Total freediving centres and experienced Instructors who are teaching and certifying Apnea Total courses worldwide.


Apnea Total Instructor

Hi I’m Nikki, originally from Ireland. I‘ve been Freediving for 6 years but always had a love for the ocean. I originally came to Asia to become a scuba diving instructor, but soon realized where my true passion lay. I started freediving at Apnea Total headquarters in Koh Tao, getting totally hooked into the world of freediving. Soon after I became a Freediving Instructor and joined The Apnea Total family .Working in Koh Tao for 2 years and also Koh Phangan .But my sense of adventure keeps me moving and I wanted to keep exploring . I set up Apnea Koh Lipe for 2 seasons running , which was a great experience but I still got the itch to move , so “Flux Freediving” is my new venture. This is about me and my adventures and where you can follow me to explore the underwater world on one breath. From diving at beautiful lakes in Coron , Philippines( where you can find me working for “Freediving Coron” from time to time), to checking out the black tip Reef Sharks and many swim throughs in Tioman ( with my amazing friends at “Freedive Tioman”). With Adam Stern at Deep Week Bali or with the gang at “Liquid Life Indo” . This year I plan a Sailing trip to some new destinations and will be offering courses off the boat ,I also teaches survival apnea for surfers and watermen & we can scuba too, if we fancy a change. I have also tried a bit of competitive freediving and hold 3 National Records in Free Immersion, Constant Weight and Constant Weight No Fins categories. Follow my adventures and join me underwater.

Dive to depths you never imagined possible, discover and release your potential…